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Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India

Do you know which are the scariest places in India? Some places in India will surprise you. Yes, we are talking about the Most Haunted Places In India. There are also many places in India where there have been many painful deaths, after which these places were started to be called ghostly. This is the reason that many buildings, forts and valleys located in India are lying deserted today due to their haunting tales. If you are also interested in knowing mysteries and ghost stories, then this article is going to be very special for you. In this article, We are going to tell you about the top 10 Most Haunted Places In India.

List Of Most Haunted Places In India Are As Follows:

1. Bhangarh Fort

Whenever we mention haunted places in India, Bhangarh fort comes first in our mind. The Bhangarh fort was built in 1573 by Raja Bhagwat Das. The fort is located on the border of Sariska Reserve in the Alwar District of Rajasthan. The fort also has several temples in which the temples of Lord Someshwar, Gopinath, Mangla Devi and Keshav Rai are the main temples.

Why Consider to be Haunted: Bhangarh Fort is considered the most haunted place in India because the soul of the slaughtered people in this fort still wanders, and also the voices of women crying and banging of bangles can be heard clearly in the rooms of the fort. Bhangarh fort is safe to visit during daylight and local people said after sunset there is some paranormal activity happening.

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How To Reach Bhangarh Fort

Nearest Airport: Jaipur (88 km from the Fort)
Nearest Railway Station: Bandikui Jn (25 km from the Fort)

2. Dow Hill

Dow hill isn’t only a haunted place in India but also one among the abandoned places in India. Dow Hill is located in the town ‘Kurseong’ which is in District Darjeeling in West Bengal, Also located at an altitude of 4864 Feet. The town ‘Kurseong’ is 32 km from Darjeeling and 34 km from Siliguri.

Why Consider To be Haunted: The 100-year-old Victoria boys’ high school, located amidst the jungle of Dow Hill. The expert believes that a lot of unnatural deaths are surrounding this place, whose evil power influences this school as well. The school is closed during winter and the native believes that the sound of shouting and screaming from the school comes more when the school is closed.

dow hill

How To Reach Dow Hill

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra (40 km from the town)
Nearest Railway Station: Jalpaiguri (83 km from the town)

3. Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara village is additionally one among abandoned places in district Jaisalmer of Rajasthan. Kuldhara village and other neighbouring villages were abandoned due to an earthquake and the Government of Rajasthan decided to make Kuldhara village a tourist spot in 2010. The village is 16 km from Jaisalmer and the village is called a haunted village ( Bhootiya Gaon ) but the Rajasthan government has given it the status of a tourist destination. Thanks to this, thousands of tourists are coming here every day from India & Abroad.

Why Consider To Be Haunted: The village has been deserted for around the last 170 years. For hundreds of years, a village that was deserted by night could not understand what was the key to deserting this village. The village is claimed to be under the occupation of spiritual forces or Non-secular forces. consistent with those visiting the Kuldhara village which has been converted into a tourist place, the sound of Paliwal Brahmins living here is heard even today.

How To Reach Kuldhara Village

Nearest Airport: Jodhpur (300 km from the village)
Nearest Railway Station: Jaisalmer ( 18 km from the village

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli is a protected archaeological site located near Connaught Place in New Delhi. This stepwell has about 105 steps in the stepwell. It was built by Maharaja Agrasen in the 14th century. The baoli is about 60 meters long and 15 meters high and the baoli is believed to have been built during the Mahabharata period.

Why Consider TO Be Haunted: There is a belief about this stepwell that it was once filled with black water and this water used to inspire people and lead them to suicide. Also, It was believed that black water had the power of hypnosis, which led to the loss of many people. Since then, this stepwell is always Empty, only water is filled during the rainy season.

How To Reach Agrasen Ki Baoli

Nearest Airport: Delhi (14 km from the Baoli)
Nearest Railway Station: New Delhi (2.8 km from the Baoli)

5. Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach is one of the urban beaches along the Arabian sea, Located near the Surat city of Gujrat. Dumas Beach is 21 km from the centre of Surat city. The history of Dumas village is also very emotional and exciting. Most fishermen reside here. And it is said that there was a settlement of Nawabo in history. The beach is famous for its black sand which is very rare.

Why Consider To Be Haunted: According to the local people, this place is inhabited by spirits. If you go to this beach after the sunset, you will hear the sounds of screaming and shouting.

How To Reach Dumas Beach

Nearest Airport: Surat (6.8 km from the Beach)
Nearest Railway Station: Surat (22.5 km from the Beach)

6. Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is a complex of a film studio located in Hyderabad, Telangana. As per Record, It has been certified by the Guinness world record as the largest complex of a film studio in the world. Ramoji Film City complex built by Telugu film producer Ramoji Rao in 1996. It is also very popular for tourism. Around 2 million tourists visit this place every year.

Why Consider To Be Haunted: According to history, There used to be a battleground of Nizams here. People say that even in today’s time, The souls of dead soldiers wander, Which troubles people in the evening. For information, Ramoji Film City is one of the most haunted places in the country. No one makes the mistake of walking alone during the evening.

How To Reach Ramoji Film City

Nearest Airport: Hyderabad Deccan (35 km from the Film City)
Nearest Railway Station: Hyderabad (39 km from the Film City)

7. Jatinga Village

Jatinga is a village which is located in the ‘Dima Hasao’ district in Assam. Jatinga village is around 330 km from Guwahati and also, Jatinga is a magnificent valley in the north of Cachar hill of Assam. The region is especially famous for its orange orchards and people come from far and wide to visit.

Why Consider To Be Haunted: During October and November, there are very strange stories here on the nights. Apart from the monsoon, Fog nights witness the cases of birds committing suicide. People here also consider the death of birds linked to ghosts and mysterious forces.

How To Reach Jatinga Village

Nearest Airport: Guwahati (369 km from the village)
Nearest Railway Station: Lumding Jn (75 km from the village)

8. D’Souza Chawl

D’Souza Chawl is also considered one of the haunted places in India. The Chawl is a name for a type of residential building at affordable prices. The D’Souza Chawl is situated in the Mahim area which is known as the heart of Mumbai.

Why Consider To Be Haunted: It is said that a ghost spirit wanders around this Chawl. The ghost lived in this chawl about 26 years ago. One night, when she came to take water from the well, She accidentally fell into the well and she died by drowning in the well. Now the well has been closed. Since then, her soul seems to be moving in the same way.

How To Reach D’Souza Chawl

Nearest Airport: Mumbai (17.5 km from the chawl)
Nearest Railway Station: Mumbai Central (8 km from the chawl)

9. Shaniwar Wada Fort

Shaniwar Wada is a fortress in district Pune, Maharashtra which was constructed in the 14th century. The fort was the pride seat of Maratha Peshwas. Also, the fort itself was largely destroyed by an unexplained fire in 1737, but the surviving structures are now tourist spots.

Why Consider To Be Haunted: People say that the soldier Narayanrao’s soul wanders and the last words he says, ‘kaka mala wachwa’ are heard in this fort even today. For this reason, this fort is considered haunted.

How To Reach Shaniwar Wada Fort

Nearest Airport: Pune (11 km from the fort)
Nearest Railway Station: Pune Jn (3.5 km from the fort)

10. Bombay High Court:

Bombay High Court is one of the oldest high courts in India. It was established on 14 Aug 1862 and authorized by the Constitution of India. Bombay High Court is the court of Maharashtra & Goa states and the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

Why Consider To be Haunted: It is said about the Bombay High Court that a ghost has been roaming around here for the last 30 years and he helps the judge in solving the case. You might find it funny, but many such stories are prevalent on the Internet and in News Journals.

How to Reach Bombay High Court

Nearest Airport: Mumbai (25 km from the court)
Nearest Railway Station: Mumbai Central (4.6 km from the court)

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