Who We Are?

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Traverse Path is a travel blog where we will share our travel experience, promote tourism, tell you the travel hacks, and also tell you about the best places to visit in India and all around the world.


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Our story

We have noticed that many people in the world had no interest in travel and tourism. So we thought, why don’t we create a blog and create curiosity in the minds and heart of people to roam the world. And tell people that we have only one life and the world is very beautiful and big.

 So as soon as possible start travelling to the beautiful world. That is why we have started TraversePath Travel Blog, where we promote tourism, encourage people to travel, and tell you about the best places to visit in India and all around the World.

One Day You Leave This World Behind, So Live a Life That You'll Remember.